About This Project

This website was created to allow others to experience Tango, specifically Texas Tech's brilliant Double T Tango Orchestra and Tango Ensemble, as well as gain a better understanding of what exactly Tango is in the process. For our Texas Tech Honors FYE class, Music and Globalization, we did a special study on this renown music and dance genre and how it has been affected by globalization.

This website houses research papers, authored by a few Honors students, covering a wide array of topics related to Tango, such as how the dance and music genre has come such a long way from being played and performed in the slums of Argentina so long ago to today, where it is regarded in high esteem and is broadcasted on TV shows, movies, and reaches people around the globe. Which leads to another topic discussed, how globalization has transformed Tango over the years. Along with the papers, you can find insightful and entertaining interviews, by another group of Honors students, of members of the Double T Tango Orchestra, as well as pictures, taken by students, of the orchestra rehearsing their fine art, and a special film, also produced by Honors students, that depicts in terrific detail who the Double T Tango Orchestra is and what they're about and comprises the meaning of Tango.

The hope of this Lubbock Tango website, also created by Honors students, is that upon visiting the site, you will leave with a better understanding of the art of Tango and the urge to experience an amazing performance by the tango ensembles at Texas Tech for yourself.